Sunday, October 18, 2009


Eugene Clark assisted Russell Keeter during
the late 80's until Russell's death in the
early 90's. These pictures were taken
in Russell's studio, located in a historic
carriage house, on Ferry Street, just
north of the Detroit Institute of Arts.
The purpose of this photo shoot was
to create some photos to be used on
a poster, for an anatomy workshop
the two artists would conduct together,
at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art
Center, and The Grosse Pointe War


  1. At the beginning of any class or workshop,
    Russell Keeter would make the statement,
    "anatomy is a life-long process". Russell
    was an example of this, and throughout
    his years as a professor, was found
    studying anatomy texts, allowing him
    to add new information to his courses.

  2. Eugene,
    I remember that poster! I remember when you and Russell did that workshop together. Can it be that long ago? Time flies!
    Sheree Rensel

  3. Eugene, Here is a blast from the past. Do you remember this? It was just about the same time as the pics you posted here. Take a look:

  4. Hi Sheree,

    It is great hearing from you regarding your attending the
    anatomy workshop. Do you remember any highlights from
    Russell's teachings? Also, thanks for the blast from the
    past. The drawing on the postcard is on the wall in my
    office as I type this to you.